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Tarras Vineyards

Tarras Vineyard is located at the Canyon site, high up on the terraces of a Bendigo sheep station. A completely organic winery, our wines are grown on a sustainable basis using organic principles to maintain soil health and natural vine condition. Although we don’t do wine tastings or tours, we may be able to include a special tour as part of your event.

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Kuru Kuru wines

Hayden also owns Kuru Kuru wines, the inspiration for which comes from his 4th great grandfather Captain James Joss. Captain James Joss, bought the Tuku Tuku land in 1836 and married his Maori grandmother Kuru Kuru of the Ngai Tahu tribe. The family origins inspired Kuru Kuru wines, with each bottle of KURU KURU proudly displaying her ta moko, the mark carved on her chin, signaling her respected position in Maori society.

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